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    Financial Education
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    Wealth Management and Financial Asset Management

    At J&S Partners we get into the trenches with our clients by managing individual investments and overseeing the entire investment portfolio. Our strategies always lean towards the low-risk investments to enable our client's the safest future income generation possible.

    Separately, we also help manage wealth as an overarching service overseeing all financial aspects including management of assets, taxes, estates, cash flows and all other possible uses of income and income generation.

    Building a diverse wealth portfolio is a long and complex process. You are spoilt for choice, from the more commonly known bonds, stocks, and mutual funds to alternative investment products such as REITs and hedge funds. At J&S Partners, our financial advisors can assist you in choosing the right investment vehicles for your long-term financial goals, retirement and legacy building.

    We Help You See the Big Picture

    Our goal is for you to be able to rest easy with the confidence knowing that your assets are in secure products that grow over time and help you make better decisions financially.

    Leave a Legacy For Generations

    It's our job to help guide you into a wealthy future. Your kids, grandkids and great grandchildren will thank you for your smart investments now.

    Diversify with Financial Asset Management in Texas & Minnesota

    Financial planning is more than just the options you have. It’s about making the right choice to provide maximum returns while preserving your principal. J&S Partners Inc. financial professionals offer tailored financial advice to diversify your portfolio according to your specific objectives. Our financial asset management Texas services are backed by industry-leading research and the expertise of our seasoned advisors with over twenty years of experience. Reach out to us today to schedule a one-on-one, free initial call with a financial professional to review your current plan.

    Broaden Your Asset Base with Income Generation in Texas

    Through J&S Partners, you may access world-class investment products that can increase and expand your income streams. Most people think that the normal 9-5 job is the only income generation tool they have. That cannot be further from the truth. The custom, independent financial recommendations we provide align with your unique investment goals and have the opportunity to create additional passive income streams. Our Income Generation Texas advisors combine experience and institutional knowledge to develop a boutique plan with integrated wealth growth strategies. Investors who wish to free themselves from constantly monitoring their asset allocations can trust J&S Partners for financial asset management services.

    Build Your Legacy With A

    Wealth Management

    Consultant in Minnesota & Texas

    For over 20 years, clients have leveraged our comprehensive services and products to customize wealth generation strategies. From effective asset management solutions to risk management and legacy planning, J&S Partners provides broad opportunities for wealth growth. As a wealth management consultant in Minnesota and Texas, we are committed to thinking long-term and assisting our private-wealth clients in succeeding as they build their legacies.

    Our financial advisors also live and work out of our offices locally in Texas and Minnesota, so we are driven to help our local residents pursue financial freedom. Most of our suggested products lean towards low-risk investment strategies so that we can combat economical factors outside of our control, such as inflation, socio-economical factors, recessions, global wars or any other natural disaster that may effect the US economy. Reach out today and find out how we will assist in all facets of your financial goals.

    Asset Protection Strategies Minnesota

    Get Free Consultation on Wealth Management and Financial Asset Management

    We partner with our clients through a “hands-on” approach to financial literacy and education. You can claim a free, one-on-one meeting with one of our advisors to create or improve your existing wealth-building strategy. Schedule your free consultation now.