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    Annuities Minnesota

    J&S Partners Inc. offers annuities in Minnesota that are simple, affordable, and straightforward. Our client-first approach at J&S Partners focuses on helping each individual client come up with a retirement plan that matches their overall financial dreams. Annuities in Minnesota are excellent products that are designed to provide retirement income that never runs out. Our expert financial advisors will assist you in assessing the different annuity types and picking the right option for your financial goals.

    Annuitize Minnesota with J&S Partners Inc.

    Annuitizing is a powerful financial solution that is designed to provide a lifetime of income by distributing the total account value over your lifetime or other designated period. It's our goal to annuitize Minnesota clients, such as individuals and families that want to secure their financial future. Our annuity experts can help you decide whether this is the right move for you. Schedule a free consultation today.

    Converting an annuity investment into a series of periodic income payments

    Annuitized for a specific period or for the life of the annuitant

    Payments made to the annuitant or a surviving spouse in joint life arrangement

    Arrange for beneficiaries to receive a portion of the annuity balance

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    The Different Types

    of Annuities for Our Minnesota Clients

    Gain Freedom from Financial Worries with a Straight Life Annuity Minnesota

    A straight-life annuity provides a steady income stream with payments only ceasing after the holder's death. Since the payouts are shorter in duration, you may enjoy the higher periodic payments. You may structure the payment schedules to fit your long-term financial goals. J&S Partners Inc. can assist in assessing the right plan for a straight life annuity in Minnesota. Book a consultation with our team at no cost to yourself.

    Secure Your Future with Individual Retirement Annuity Minnesota

    Similar to an IRA, individual retirement annuity plans enjoy tax-deferred benefits. They can provide you with financial security throughout your retirement period with regular monthly payouts. J&S Partners Inc. can provide additional information intended to help you determine whether an IRA annuity is the right option for your retirement plan. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can be of help.

    Grow Your Nest Egg with a Non-Qualified Annuity in Minnesota

    With a non-qualified annuity in Minnesota, you can fund your annuity plan using after-tax dollars. The money grows tax-deferred with tax obligations only on the earnings. You won’t have to pay any taxes before your distributions begin. Our expert advisors can help you assess the advantages and drawbacks of non-qualified annuities in Minnesota. We can help devise a financial strategy that enables you to retire comfortably and enjoy more tax benefits.

    Qualified, IRA, Single Life and Many More Annuity Options

    There's no "one-size fits all" annuity for Minnesota residents. Depending on your financial goals, we can help you determine your future investment strategies. Many clients come to us with retirement plans and financial strategies that were set up 10+ years ago. Those plans may be outdated and need to be revised to accomplish new goals. At J&S Partners, we focus on first delivering a comprehensive analysis of your existing strategies and then deliver you a detailed retirement and investment strategy that fits your lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to live in the future.

    How Long Ago Was Your Last Comprehensive Investment & Retirement Plan Analaysis?

    Many of our clients had their investment portfolio and retirement plans created a decade or more ago. A lot has changed since then; the economy, risk variables, inflation, and even socio-economical factors that require a new set of professional eyeballs to assess your existing strategy. We’re offering you a free initial consultation to assess your existing strategy and then build out a comprehensive plan based on your existing portfolio and retirement plan, income streams, your future goals, lifestyle and the legacy you want to leave. 

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a FREE NO-OBLIGATION review of your existing strategies to ensure that you have peace of mind now and a healthy retirement for the future and generations to come. 

    Asset Protection Strategies Minnesota

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    We offer personalized, result-oriented solutions that are designed to meet the challenges faced by our clients. You can sleep easy knowing your assets and legacy are secure for your future generations to inherit by getting in touch with us today. Schedule a no-obligation free consultation.