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    Asset Protection Services

    Asset protection is a fundamental part of retirement and financial planning. After working hard and saving up for decades, you may have to put up measures to safeguard your fortune. Protect your business, family, and legacy from life's uncertainties with our comprehensive asset protection services.

    Protect What's Yours

    Low-risk asset protection is our specialty.

    Craft a Strategy

    Build a generational wealth strategy.

    Fruit of Your Labor

    Be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor for generations.

    Protect What’s Important with Asset Protection Solutions in Minnesota

    Protecting someone's legacy is a great responsibility that we take on with the utmost care and attention to detail. From partition planning to establishing gift trusts and low-risk investments, J&S Partners Inc. offers a variety of asset protection solutions in Minnesota that we can tailor to your specific needs. Our strategies aim to protect your interests at all times. At our asset protection firm in Minnesota, we serve our clients as fiduciaries, placing your interest before our own. Get a free one-on-one call with an asset protection expert and discuss the options available to secure your fortune with no obligation.

    Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)

    We're in Minnesota, we know the people

    Successfully protecting assets for 30+ years

    Low-risk is always our goal

    Build Generational Wealth

    Don't risk your lifetime earnings, protect them well

    Enjoy Financial Privacy with an Asset Protection Firm in Texas

    In an increasingly litigious American society, you may need to protect your assets from frivolous lawsuits. J&S Partners Inc.’s asset protection strategies in Texas are designed to take advantage of entities and vehicles that you can use to increase your financial confidentiality. An asset protection firm in Texas can ensure that a majority of your assets remain safe from micro and macro risks. Simulating the risk factors, our experts can help you analyze all potential threats to your financial security. Your peace of mind may only be a phone call away with our free initial consultation.

    We're in Texas, we know the state & the people

    Been serving Texas for over 30+ years

    Low-risk investment strategies is always the goal

    Generational wealth may be achieved with the right strategies

    Don't lose or allow someone else to take your lifetime of hard work and sacrifice


    Advisement Through

    Asset Protection Strategies

    At J&S Partners Inc., we focus on assessing every aspect of our client’s financial position and providing the most personal service available. You can receive advice on various asset protection strategies in Minnesota and Texas, including limited liability entities, trusts, low-risk investments and protected annuities. Our experts can discuss the best option for you depending on your immediate and long-term financial goals.

    Asset Protection Strategies Texas

    Our office is located in Frisco, TX, one of the fastest growing cities in all of Texas (and the US). We serve clients all over Texas with asset protection strategies that will last for generations.

    Asset Protection Strategies Minnesota

    We have a primary office in Minnesota because we love the people of MN. It's our goal to set up as many clients as possible with financial freedom and provide an in-depth asset protection strategy to those who want to preserve wealth.

    Tax Management & Tax Mitigation Strategies

    Depending on if you're a W2 employee or a business owner, we can help you determine what tax strategies suit your desired lifestyle and retirement plan. Certain assets have better tax implications than others. The goal is to accumulate assets that appreciate in value over time and we can show you how.

    Retirement Planning, Estate Management & Leaving a Legacy

    Some folks create a retirement plan 30 years ahead of time. Some do not. Regardless of where you are with a strategic retirement plan, we can help you create or improve that strategy and ensure that you are able to leave a legacy.

    Asset Protection Strategies Minnesota

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    We offer personalized, result-oriented solutions that are designed to meet the challenges faced by our clients. You can sleep easy knowing your assets and legacy are secure for your future generations to inherit by getting in touch with us today. Schedule a no-obligation free consultation.