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J&S Partners

Protecting your Assets

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J&S Partners, Inc is an independent financial planning and asset protection firm founded to assist our clients in Texas and Minnesota in every aspect of their financial lives.

Our passion lies in helping each individual client achieve their financial dreams. For each of our clients, we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence. We provide the most personal service available, thus earning a reputation for excellence in our industry.

Clients over the age of 40:
Clients that have been with us for more than 5 years

Asset Management

Asset management is challenging even for successful people. Effective asset management involves two important components: managing your investments and preserving your wealth. At J&S Partners, our financial asset management and wealth management consultants in Texas and Minnesota create financial solutions and provide extraordinary personal service no matter what your profile as an investor may be.

Asset Protection Firm Texas

Asset Protection

Our primary focus is the protection of that nest egg you worked so hard to build. Whether you’re looking for growth, income, or a combination of both, we can develop a financial strategy designed to make it easier for you to retire successfully. We are one of the best retirement planning companies to help you protect your assets.

Financial Education

Financial Education

Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding your current financial situation are vital to successfully making prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition and bringing clarity.

Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance

Our staff consists of experienced professionals with a “hands on” approach to financial guidance and wealth management. Not only will you find our team members knowledgeable, but our staff truly cares about helping you make your dreams a reality.

Financial Education

Core Values Here at

J&S Partners

We believe in helping and educating every day individuals and families with risk management solutions for your retirement.

Accurate Guidance

Skilled professionals are always ready to provide reliable services to our clients!

Experienced Team Members

Our team has successfully served clients in risk management for over two decades.

Quality Portfolio Management

Our financial asset management professionals focus on low-risk wealth management that preserves asset allocations in our client's portfolios.

Our Dedicated Team

J&S Partners was founded by Joe Koessl and his son, Steve Koessl, in 2001 with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families plan for their retirement and financial planning needs. Joe has a successful history in the financial services industry since 1970.

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